This blog is here to honour the life of Olivia Jane Penpraze, who took her life in April, 2012, due to a desperate and difficult fight with mental illnesses. This is a place to ask for advice, to vent, a place to come when you need someone else to be strong. A place to come when you need kind words, A place to come to when you need someone to stand up, and show you how to keep holding on, to show you how to get the help that is needed. <3

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Anonymous: my gf's eating disorder is pushing her so low she lives an hour away and i cant see her that much cause work. She's been purging everyday for about 2 weeks now she barely eats im just so afraid therapists aren't that close to her she doesn't want to go to treatment and she says that if she ever was she would just lie her way out of it and say shes fine i cant lose her i cant have her pass out like she has before im doing everything i can to be there how do i help what do i do :(

Contact her family or someone with more authority to push her into doing something. If you have urgent concerns about her health, you can call emergency services and explain all you have here. The plus side to the extent of her condition is it’d be reaaaaally hard for her to “lie her way out of it”. They do physical exams. They’d see the damage in her throat and esophagus, check her weight and fat percentage, and if necessary they’d also check her vitamin and adrenal levels. If she’s been fainting then she likely has adrenal fatigue, which means that her adrenals can crash and she could die. Thankfully, its not exactly like having a heart attack, usually. People die a bit on the slow side from eating disorders, meaning she’s going to get really bad and get herself hospitalized at some point, which in turn means it’d be hard for her to deny that anything is wrong with her.
Eating disorders like this bring a lot of blatant physical effects. Greying of the skin, yellowing or glazed over eyes, brittle and yellowing nails, an odor that can become pungent, dry hair and hair loss, fainting, bone loss, muscle weakness, spasms and severe cramping, loss of her period, decreased lung function, heart irregularities, structural damage to the throat and esophagus, seizures, numbness and tingling, memory loss and dementia like states.
The list goes on and on. My point is, it’s not something you can simply just hide from medical professionals. Tell people close to her about what’s happening, tell her what you said here and reiterate that you need her to be healthy, because simply surviving isn’t sufficient. She deserves health, and she deserves to feel okay, and those are very real possibilities for her with the right help. And, again, contact emergency services if you feel like she’s going to faint/has fainted or do any further harm to herself.


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Tear gas



Do not wear contact lenses if you are in a situation where you may be tear-gassed.  When I went through basic training, we were warned that there was a possibility the tear gas they were using could melt contact lenses.


Reblogging this here for any of you who are currently involved in any of the protests or are perhaps going to be future protesters!

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Anonymous: part 2. and just going back to a dark time in my life which affected my grades, social life and the relationship i have with my mum and siblings. it's just really hard dealing with school, looking after my siblings, dealing with recovering from an eating disorder, anixety and looking after my mum when she's sick. idk if this is overeacting to this situation?

You really have to take everyday as it comes unfortunately hun, it may affect certain aspects of your life but unfortunately there is not much you can do about it, stick by your mum and support her through it that’s the best thing you can do x Carlee x  

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“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” ― Scott Westerfeld, Uglies

sexual health advice


~friendly reminder that I also have a sexual health advice blog at for anyone that has questions. anon is always on!~

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To the brave protestors in Ferguson and all those effected


I am amazed and inspired by your strength. There truly is a war here, but I fully believe that if we can all hold on to this unified strength, things will change. And that’s something all of us from oppressed groups have to believe in. I want everyone to realize that this is, without a doubt,…

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Anonymous: I need some advice. You see my friend just broke up with her boyfriend who earlier that day started to beat her. But she feels like it's her fault. And like she should get back together with him because it wasn't right to break it off. And I'm trying to convince her that's not true and she shouldn't feel like she is at fault and should get back with him. I wanted to know if there is anything I can say to her that might help. I'm really at a loss of what to do and scared for her safety.

For starters, you could try and report it to the police yourself if she’s unwilling to. If she was just recently assaulted and has visible signs of assault then that should be simple for you to report. This can help keep a wedge between them, but it’s also huge in making sure the police now have a domestic violence report on him for future instances.
As for what you could say, honestly, there’s not a whole lot if at the end of it all she still feels like she needs to go back to him. Usually it helps to hear stories from other abuse victims, know that she’s seriously risking PTSD if she doesn’t stay away from him entirely and Immediately and get help (and PTSD is unfortunately one of those things that doesn’t exactly go away). It’s important for her to know that he’s not going to magically get better, and she can’t fix him. I believe in recovery and rehabilitation but that won’t happen if he’s still allowed to have consistent contact with her, still allowed to feel like he can assert ownership over her. It just won’t. Done. End of story.

There are lots of ways you can talk to her and things you can say but many women end up going to back to their abusive partner several times before leaving them permanently (if they survive). I would inform her parents or guardians if they’re still at all involved in her life, or any other close friends and family. The more people that hold any sense of security and authority in her life are helping to keep her away from him, the easier it will be for her to listen.
There are online sources like that I would recommend, and I found personally helpful when I was getting out of my abusive relationship.


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100 Reasons NOT To Kill Yourself

  • 1. We would miss you.
  • 2. It’s not worth the regret. Either by yourself if you failed or just simply left scars, or the regret everyone else feels by not doing enough to help you.
  • 3. It does get better. Believe it or not it will eventually get better. Sometimes you have to go through the storm to get to the rainbow.
  • 4. There’s so much you would miss out on doing.
  • 5. There is always a reason to live. It might not be clear right now, but it is always there.
  • 6. So many people care, and it would hurt them if you hurt yourself.
  • 7. You ARE worth it. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, tell you otherwise.
  • 8. You are amazing.
  • 9. A time will come, once you’ve battled the toughest times of your life and are in ease once again, where you will be so glad that you decided to keep on living. You will emerge stronger from this all, and won’t regret your choice to carry on with life. Because things always get better.
  • 10. What about all the things you’ve always wanted to do? What about the things you’ve planned, but never got around to doing? You can’t do them when you’re dead.
  • 11. I love you. Even if only one person loves you, that’s still a reason to stay alive.
  • 12. You won’t be able to listen to music if you die.
  • 13. Killing yourself is never worth it. You’ll hurt both yourself and all the people you care about.
  • 14. There are so many people that would miss you, including me.
  • 15. You’re preventing a future generation, YOUR KIDS, from even being born.
  • 16. How do you think your family would feel? Would it improve their lives if you died?
  • 17. You’re gorgeous, amazing, and to someone you are perfect.
  • 18. Think about your favourite music artist, you’ll never hear their voice again…
  • 19. You’ll never have the feeling of walking into a warm building on a cold day
  • 20. Listening to incredibly loud music
  • 21. Being alive is just really good.
  • 22. Not being alive is really bad.
  • 23. Finding your soulmate.
  • 24. Red pandas
  • 25. Going to diners at three in the morning.
  • 26. Really soft pillows.
  • 27. Eating pizza in New York City.
  • 28. Proving people wrong with your success.
  • 29. Watching the jerks that doubted you fail at life.
  • 30. Seeing someone trip over a garbage can.
  • 31. Being able to help other people.
  • 32. Bonfires.
  • 33. Sitting on rooftops.
  • 34. Seeing every single country in the world.
  • 35. Going on roadtrips.
  • 36. You might win the lottery someday.
  • 37. Listening to music on a record player.
  • 38. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • 39. Taking really cool pictures.
  • 40. Literally meeting thousands of new people.
  • 41. Hearing crazy stories.
  • 42. Telling crazy stories.
  • 43. Eating ice cream on a hot day.
  • 44. More Harry Potter books could come out, you never know.
  • 45. Travelling to another planet someday.
  • 46. Having an underwater house.
  • 47. Randomly running into your hero on the street.
  • 48. Having your own room at a fancy hotel.
  • 49. Trampolines.
  • 50. Think about your favourite movie, you’ll never watch it again.
  • 51. Think about the feeling of laughing out loud in a public place because your best friend has just sent you an inside joke,
  • 52. Your survival will make the world better, even if it’s for just one person or 20 or 100 or more.
  • 53. People do care.
  • 54. Treehouses
  • 55. Hanging out with your soul mate in a treehouse
  • 55. Snorting when you laugh and not caring who sees
  • 56. I don’t even know you and I love you.
  • 57. I don’t even know you and I care about you.
  • 58. Because nobody is going to be like you ever, so embrace your uniqueness!
  • 59. You won’t be here to experience the first cat world emperor.
  • 61. Starbucks.
  • 62. Hugs.
  • 63. Stargazing.
  • 64. You have a purpose, and it’s up to you to find out what it is.
  • 65. You’ve changed somebody’s life.
  • 66. Now you could change the world.
  • 67. You will meet the person that’s perfect for you.
  • 68. No matter how much or how little, you have your life ahead of you.
  • 69. You have the chance to save somebody’s life.
  • 70. If you end your life, you’re stopping yourself from achieving great things.
  • 71. Making snow angels.
  • 72. Making snowmen.
  • 73. Snowball fights.
  • 74. Life is what you make of it.
  • 75. Everybody has a talent.
  • 76. Laughing until you cry.
  • 77. Having the ability to be sad means you have the ability to be happy.
  • 78. The world would not be the same if you didn’t exist.
  • 79. Its possible to turn frowns, upside down
  • 80. Be yourself, don’t take anyone’s shit, and never let them take you alive.
  • 81. Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. Be your own hero.
  • 82. Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.
  • 83. One day your smile will be real.
  • 84. Having a really hot, relaxing bath after a stressful day.
  • 85. Lying on grass and laughing at the clouds.
  • 86. Getting completely smashed with your best friends.
  • 87. Eating crazy food.
  • 88. Staying up all night watching your favourite films with a loved one.
  • 89. Sleeping in all day.
  • 90. Creating something you’re proud of.
  • 91. You can look back on yourself 70 years later and being proud you didn’t commit
  • 92. Being able to meet your Internet friends.
  • 93. Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate
  • 94. Sherlock season three.
  • 95. Cuddling under the stars.
  • 96. Being stupid in public because you just can.
  • 97. If you are reading this then you are alive! Is there any more reason to smile?
  • 98. being able to hug that one person you havent seen in years
  • 99. People care enough about you and your future to come up with 100 reasons for you not to do this.
  • 100. But, the final and most important one is, just, being able to experience life. Because even if your life doesn’t seem so great right now, literally anything could happen
  • IF that isn’t enough:
  • Depression Hotline: 1-630-482-9696
  • Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-8433
  • LifeLine: 1-800-273-8255
  • Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386
  • Sexuality Support: 1-800-246-7743
  • Eating Disorders Hotline: 1-847-831-3438
  • Rape and Sexual Assault: 1-800-656-4673
  • Grief Support: 1-650-321-5272
  • Runaway: 1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000
  • Exhale: After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice: 1-866-4394253
  • Child Abuse: 1-800-422-4453
  • UK Helplines:
  • Samaritans (for any problem): 08457909090 e-mail
  • Childline (for anyone under 18 with any problem): 08001111
  • Mind infoline (mental health information): 0300 123 3393 e-mail:
  • Mind legal advice (for people who need mental-health related legal advice): 0300 466 6463
  • b-eat eating disorder support: 0845 634 14 14 (only open Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm and Saturday 1pm-4.30pm) e-mail:
  • b-eat youthline (for under 25’s with eating disorders): 08456347650 (open Mon-Fri 4.30pm - 8.30pm, Saturday 1pm-4.30pm)
  • Cruse Bereavement Care: 08444779400 e-mail:
  • Frank (information and advice on drugs): 0800776600
  • Drinkline: 0800 9178282
  • Rape Crisis England &amp; Wales: 0808 802 9999 1(open 2 - 2.30pm 7 - 9.30pm) e-mail
  • Rape Crisis Scotland: 08088 01 03 02 every day, 6pm to midnight
  • India Self Harm Hotline: 00 08001006614
  • India Suicide Helpline: 022-27546669
  • Kids Help Phone (Canada): 1-800-668-6868, Free and available 24/7
  • suicide hotlines;
  • Argentina: 54-0223-493-0430
  • Australia: 13-11-14
  • Austria: 01-713-3374
  • Barbados: 429-9999
  • Belgium: 106
  • Botswana: 391-1270
  • Brazil: 21-233-9191
  • China: 852-2382-0000
  • (Hong Kong: 2389-2222)
  • Costa Rica: 606-253-5439
  • Croatia: 01-4833-888
  • Cyprus: 357-77-77-72-67
  • Czech Republic: 222-580-697, 476-701-908
  • Denmark: 70-201-201
  • Egypt: 762-1602
  • Estonia: 6-558-088
  • Finland: 040-5032199
  • France: 01-45-39-4000
  • Germany: 0800-181-0721
  • Greece: 1018
  • Guatemala: 502-234-1239
  • Holland: 0900-0767
  • Honduras: 504-237-3623
  • Hungary: 06-80-820-111
  • Iceland: 44-0-8457-90-90-90
  • Israel: 09-8892333
  • Italy: 06-705-4444
  • Japan: 3-5286-9090
  • Latvia: 6722-2922, 2772-2292
  • Malaysia: 03-756-8144
  • (Singapore: 1-800-221-4444)
  • Mexico: 525-510-2550
  • Netherlands: 0900-0767
  • New Zealand: 4-473-9739
  • New Guinea: 675-326-0011
  • Nicaragua: 505-268-6171
  • Norway: 47-815-33-300
  • Philippines: 02-896-9191
  • Poland: 52-70-000
  • Portugal: 239-72-10-10
  • Russia: 8-20-222-82-10
  • Spain: 91-459-00-50
  • South Africa: 0861-322-322
  • South Korea: 2-715-8600
  • Sweden: 031-711-2400
  • Switzerland: 143
  • Taiwan: 0800-788-995
  • Thailand: 02-249-9977
  • Trinidad and Tobago: 868-645-2800
  • Ukraine: 0487-327715

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Anonymous: (part 2) would i be able to press charges against James so that it gets added to his list of stuff without getting Tim in any sort of trouble??? Also if I'm 18 (but was 17 at the time) will my family have to be informed??

I would report it. Honestly, go ahead and tell the full truth because that’s going to work way better for you in the long run, and this is the kind of thing that the court needs to hear about. Tim will likely have nothing happen to him. It’s sometimes next to impossible to even get a rapist into court, seriously. Over 90% of rapists walk free so I wouldn’t worry about Tim.
Also, screw Tim. Sure, maybe he feels awful, he was drunk by his own volition and was guided into what to do but that’s still not an excuse for assaulting someone, nor is it a legal defence in most areas. If he feels like shit, he should do something about it. He needs to stop drinking, get counselling, be honest about it, work on social issues and face up to what he’s done. I can assure you that if he doesn’t do these things (and especially if he refuses to) that he’s actually not that sorry about it. I’d also avoid him like the plague, being around the people that assault you isn’t very good for stopping PTSD from setting deeply in.

Whether or not your parents need to be informed depends on your location. In most cases, if you’re 18 then they won’t need to be informed, regardless of when the crime was committed, unless it directly involves your parents. I reported being raped when I was 18(???? Might have been 17 can’t remember right now) and the last time I had been raped was when I was 16 and my parents didn’t need to be informed. But, I’m also in Canada and our confidentiality here is pretty solid (you can even get surgeries as a young teenager without your parents being informed).

In short, report it. If this James guy is doing this shit repeatedly, the court needs all the testimony against him that they can get.


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Anonymous: If i was sexually assulted by two guys (lets say James and Tim or something) and turns out james has done some other similar dodgy stuff and has had charges pressed against him and and is busy being trialed for a maximum sentence of 16 years. The court has no idea about my case but im worried about pressing charges because i dont want to get Tim in trouble as we were all very drunk and James was telling Tim what to do and he feels aweful and has never done anything bad since (part 1)

Part one

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i’m seeing a lot of people reblogging suicide hotlines and this is just a reminder that this is a suicide help line that works like a text-based instant messenger for people who may need to talk to someone but have trouble/are uncomfortable making phone calls

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"if you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?"
one of the most eye opening things i’ve read in a while (via mythoughtsarestars)

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