This blog is here to honour the life of Olivia Jane Penpraze, who took her life in April, 2012, due to a desperate and difficult fight with mental illnesses. This is a place to ask for advice, to vent, a place to come when you need someone else to be strong. A place to come when you need kind words, A place to come to when you need someone to stand up, and show you how to keep holding on, to show you how to get the help that is needed. <3

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To find a suicide helpline in your country, visit

Anonymous: To the anon, who wishes that Olivia's blog was still up. I guess we all wish that, though the hate she was getting from the anons probably would have continued. Her parents probably wanted it all to end. Oh, and no one would be running it <3 To those who run this blog: I love what you do and how you take the time to help others <3 ~A

Thank you dear, that is very true.