This blog is here to honour the life of Olivia Jane Penpraze, who took her life in April, 2012, due to a desperate and difficult fight with mental illnesses. This is a place to ask for advice, to vent, a place to come when you need someone else to be strong. A place to come when you need kind words, A place to come to when you need someone to stand up, and show you how to keep holding on, to show you how to get the help that is needed. <3

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Anonymous: HELP PLEASE HELP!!! I think broken-hurt-dying is dead!! She isn't answering her phone and she isn't answering anywhere else, please anyone contact the police or something!!

Honey calm down. I can’t call the police, there’s no way to report something like that unless you know specifically where she lives or you know a family member… She might be fine, so freaking out isn’t going to help. Someone else try messaging her okay? Please. Don’t jump to conclusions.


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