This blog is here to honour the life of Olivia Jane Penpraze, who took her life in April, 2012, due to a desperate and difficult fight with mental illnesses. This is a place to ask for advice, to vent, a place to come when you need someone else to be strong. A place to come when you need kind words, A place to come to when you need someone to stand up, and show you how to keep holding on, to show you how to get the help that is needed. <3

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Carlee - Hi guys, I’m Carlee I’m 18 and from Rugby in the UK. I’ve faced some hard times in my life with my own mental health. I suffer from PTSD, OCD and anorexia.  I have managed to start my recovery processes this year. I’m a support worker for adults with mental health illnesses and learning disabilities so I have plenty of knowledge surrounding mental health! 

I’m always up for a chat and happy to give advice surronding any problems, if I’m not here you can chat to me on my main blog: 

Love always, Carlee x 

I’m 19, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up experiencing abuse and was bullied most of my life. I have Depression and Anxiety, along with disordered eating. I have been abused in a family setting, and also within a relationship dynamic.

I have struggled with the above illnesses most of my life, and have not known what it is to not be this way.

I’m currently studying a course, to become a qualified Child Care Assistant, and in February, I am going to start a Bachelor of Nursing. I hope to specialise in Paediatrics, or move on to Midwifery.


- Charlotte 

 Im 17, born and raised in Melbourne. I play the Cello, Bass Guitar and piano, I also like to think Im a fantastic singer. Unlike these other beautiful girls above I do not suffer from an illness. I have struggled through my bullying, eating disorder and relationship issues that have left me sensitive, but strong. What i offer is advice for the friends of those suffering. I’ve seen so many bad things happen to my dearest friend Emma and I needed help to cope with them, to stay strong for her, sometimes even the very strongest have a hard time dealing with what others are going through. You can find me and my randomness on I try to only be happy and to contain my funny yet slightly dirty side. :) Stay Strong my loves xx


- Charlie

Hi love, you can call me Charlie. I’m 19 & live in the US. I’m always on my main blog so if you need to reach someone fast, I’ll always answer on there. I am recovering from self harm, and I suffer from major depression and bipolar type 2. I love each and everyone of you, please don’t forget that. You’re all worth something, and you’re all beautiful and strong. I love you so much xx I’m here if you need me, okay? You’re not alone. xx My blog:



Hi, my name is Lainee and I’m 19. I currently reside in Brisbane where I work as a childcare assistent.I haven’t been diagnosed with any illness, I am currently seeing a psychologist to help with my constant mood swings. It’s a constant everyday battle for me to stay happy and control my emotions. Due to my job, I have training in wound care and first aide. So I’m willing to answer any questions you have along those lines. You can find me at: My ask is always open :)



Like Rae, i live in the United States, in Massachusetts. I think I’m one of the youngest on here, being only fifteen. I love helping people, and I’ve been dealing with depression since I was seven, eating disorders since I was nine, and self harm since I was ten. I know what it’s like to feel like it’s never going to end. I usually end up helping my friends when i need it, and through them I’ve dealt with attempted suicide, sexual harassment, teen pregnancy, bi polar and other mental disorder. I always end up being the one people come to for help, so this is a way for me to do that on a larger scale. My personal blog is it’s a blog about my life, so i apologize in advance for anything that could possible be triggering. you can also reach me it’s garunteed to be triggering though, so i wouldn’t suggest following. Feel free to message me on either of these blogs if you want to. Don’t be afraid to message any of us, and stay strong. <3


- Courtney

Hey guys; I’m 15 and I guess I could say that I’m a lot like Desi. I absolutely love music because not only does it help me when I’m stressed out or when I’m emotionally breaking down, but it says everything I can’t. Animals are kind of like a second part of me, every animal I’ve ever met has helped me in some way or another and I’m never upset around them; in fact they help me grow stronger in a way. I’m American but came to Australia because of my parents divorce when I was a little girl and bullied for being American. I got told I was fat, ugly and that everything I do is wrong. I might be on the line of getting depression and anxiety but I just try to live every day at it’s best I try so hard to forget about my problems. If you met me in person right now I might be shy, or I could be really random; it depends on the mood and person I’m with. I’m always happy to help someone because the people at my school and that are near me are people who constantly cut themselves, are bullied and some have even committed suicide. I don’t want this to really happen again. My personal tumblr is and I wouldn’t mind if you want to talk there as well. Be happy because everything will be okay in the end :) <3


- Sarah

Hi all! My name is Sarah. I live in Seattle, Washington. At 20, I was just recently diagnosed as being Bipolar Type 2, and not with having anxiety and depression like I was misdiagnosed with at the age of 14. The amount of bullying I’ve received since the first day I started even preschool at age 4 has made life a challenge. I’ve attempted suicide multiple times since the age of 16. My main goal in life right now is to be a stronger, better person, and to help others the best that I can with the knowledge I’ve gained from my own personal struggles, as well as the amount of knowledge I gained about myself just in the past year alone on different topics, be it friendships, relationships, or struggle with self-harm, or body image. If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll try. My personal blog is If you want to message me privately on there at some point, feel free. I’m always willing to listen. :) Stay strong, you’re beautiful.<3



Hey Guys, I’m 18 and live in Melbourne. For the last five years I have suffered from chronic majro depression, an anxiety disorder (social, general and more recently paranoia). I have dealt with bullying for the major part of my childhood and teenage years, along with different forms of abuse. I am here to listen whenever, so please feel free to ask for advice or a friend. I also have my first aid and CPR cirtificate. You can either find me here or ask for me on this blog. 
Much love! xx Kelly 


- Daniel

Hey guys! My names Daniel as you probably already know, I’m 17 and I’m from Wagga Wagga Australia. I’m a huge fan of sports and also play many myself. I play piano, can dance one day I hope to be a doctor, immunologist or a teen and adolescent psychiatrist. Anyway I’m here because I hate seeing teens taking their own life because of the pain and struggles they suffer through each day without feeling they have any support. I am here to be that support! Everyone is precious and that includes you! I have Borderline personality disorder, depression and have self harmed for over 3 years. I’ve never sought for help because I am dealing just fine on my own. Mental illness isn’t the be all end all in your life, You can beat this and start to see a brighter future! It hurts me to see the pain and tragedies that go on around me so if you ever need a shoulder, mine is always free! If you ever need to talk I am always happy to listen! Keep strong and fight! :)


Hi everybody my name is Erin i’m 25 and i’m from Edmonton , Alberta Canada i currently battle with depression as well as lupus  i have experienced  many things in my life from molestation at an early age and bullying  to loosing my unborn son at 16 due to a drunk driver my dad passed  away when i was 20 from lung cancer . My best friend committed suicide in 2005 he was 17 i have stumbled but managed to stay strong . if you want to contact me directly  at bernsay87 please do not hesitate no  problem or question is too small thanks everybody and believe you are beautiful -Erin <3


-Laura <3

Hi I’m 19 years old and I live in Essex, in England. I play guitar and write, writing and music is my passion in life. I have struggled in the past with depression, and anxiety but I can honestly say I’m in a good place right now. I promise you things will get better in the end, remember if you can only go up :) I hope you have a lovely day and you make it through whatever problems you’re going through right now. Anyway my main blog is I also have a facebook if you’d rather talk on there: So stay strong and smile!



Hi, I’m Louise.  I’m 20, living in Plymouth, England.  I suffer with Schizoaffective disorder with borderline personality traits and general anxiety disorder.  I am an art student, doing a degree in what I love the best.  I play the violin, write poetry, and do lots of other creative things to help me cope with my disorders.  I encourage people to seek help for their conditions and problems, and will do my best to listen and give constructive advice.  My personal blog is: if you feel you would like to speak to me privately.  Take care, you will get through this.

Louise. <3



Hey everyone! I imagine you’ve all ready gathered my name by now, so allow me to tell you a bit about myself! I’m a 19 year old Canadian girl, and I live aside an array of medical issues such as endometriosis, fibromyalgia, generalized anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress, hallucinations and so on. I’ve worked in Victim Services, ran a presentation on domestic violence for students, study psychology in post secondary, and in general have a firm enough understanding of various societal concepts and issues (eg. racism, sexism, ableism) that I’ve been able to help provide advocacy within those areas. Throughout my time with self harm, I’ve gained some first aid training, and also infant CPR. I have my certificate of completion for Contraception: Choices, Culture and Consequences from UCSF and The Societal Context of Mental Illness from University of Toronto. I’m also planning on pursuing a PhD in the area of either forensic or counseling psychology. I didn’t go through all I have to not help others, so please, send me any questions or comments you have!
Personal Tumblr:

Relationship advice blog: (currently a bit inactive)


- Nicole 
Hey guys! Well, as you can see my name is Nicole :) Anyways I live in Melbourne Australia and I am 17 years old. I like many of you out there also have some issues, I am schizo-affective which means I have a type of disorder that involves both bipolar and schizophrenia. I also have PTSD, Depression, Self harming tendencies, Suicide ideation and dissociative disorder. I have done a certificate in suicide prevention and counseling and have various first aid knowledge. I used to self harm and every now and then I do relapse but what we all have to remember is that we are not our mistakes our disorders or our weak moments! I guess what I want to say is don’t EVER think you are alone, believe it or not there are people who love you <3 If you want to know more about me or feel like talking to me on there just go to my personal blog-
Just remember- The world would not be the same if you were not in it. Stay strong! <3



Hi lovelies! I’m 20 years old and from Queensland Australia. I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression at the age of 15 and have been fighting my demons ever since! I am proud to say though that finally, after 5 years and since turning 20 in January, I’ve been winning with the help of a wonderful psychologist and the right medication :) Though my battles are not over, I’ve been determined to help others hence I am now studying Occupational Therapy and will be pursuing the career of youth mental health once I graduate. Be strong sweeties and if you wish to reach me at my personal tumblr, it’s xxxx



hey my name is Madison, I’m from Canada’s capital, Ottawa. I’m basically 17 years old. There’s nothing I love more than performing—it brings out my better self. Music and theatre are my life. I suffer from severe OCD, general anxiety, and an EDNOS (binge) as well as a big ol’ dysfunctional family. I’ve lost someone I loved to suicide, and grew up watching an addict fall to her bottom. On the bright side, I like cats and making people smile.
Not so personal:

xo, Madison 



Hi my name’s Susan, I’m 18 and I’m from Ireland :) my primary goal in life is to help others as I never want anyone to feel like I have ever felt. After this, my final year in school, I’m applying for a pure psychology course in university. Not to go into too much detail but i’ve battled with bulimia and self loathing and had to deal with a lot of major family problems because of alcoholism and a recent messy enough break up. Though I still have my bad days I feel I’m at a stage now, where I am able to help you guys out and try and prevent you from going as far as I went in stages of my life. Feel free to get in touch with me through my personal blog if you want:             Remember to stay strong because you never know tomorrow may be the day it all changes for the good. Love you all <3